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Gary Scott Beatty

Hi, I'm GARY SCOTT BEATTY. If you are enjoying this website, have a look at my own at I'm feverishly working on new passion projects over here, and I share art, story, video and updates about my progress. If you're interested in that stuff, sign up to the Aazurn Fan List, and get a free, twisted love story based on Japanese legend!

Barry Corbett

BARRY CORBETT is a cartoonist and author of five trade paperbacks and numerous webcomics. His panel cartoons have appeared in many national publications. "Kitty Nirvana: The First Ginger and Shadow Collection" won a Silver Medal at the IPPY Awards and "Revenge of the Pun!" has also won independent publishing awards. Barry operates Corbett Features in Beverly, Mass and teaches cartooning courses. All of his books are available through the major online booksellers.

Terry Cronin

TERRY CRONIN fills his Students of the Unusual comic series with horror tales based on the myths, legends and history of his home state of Florida. Terry joined forces with Pat Martin, Jeff Hall and Bob Lizek to create 3 Boys Productions, responsible for the annual Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival. Terry's Skinvestigator books follow the murder investigations of dermatologist Doctor Harry Poe. Horsepower G is his new family-friendly comic book series. Students

Michael Carr

MICHAEL CARR is writer of A Dark Allie (zombies), Intrepidus (samurai), Quiver (post-apocalypse), Dead Factions (zombies), and other horror adventure stories for comics. Michael attributes his storytelling abilities to the rich culture and traditions of his native South Mississippi, and his years as a professional chef. His publishing design company is Carr Imagery Garage. Get inside his head and find out more about his comics at

Brad Orlich

BRAD OLRICH is a comic book writer and artist best known for Commodore Dinosaur, an indie comic book character that made its way from regional fame, to Cat's Paw Comics’ Dragontales, to several years as a web comic. Brad is an instructor teaching drawing and illustration at Mid Michigan Community College in Harrison, Michigan. Read and see more, and get the inside scoop at Commodore

Paul Bradford

Originally from Scotland, PAUL BRADFORD was brought up on the British comics that helped twist him into the writer he is today. Now living in Western Australia, he writes comics containing a broad spectrum of themes and ideas. He also writes Gothic poetry under the pseudonym Hierophantom and has produced small press "zines" through his company Inertia Publications. For ongoing updates on all things relating to Paul’s comics visit his blog at inertiapublications.

Rick Bonn

RICK BONN, founder of BonnFire Media, has developed film and TV projects for Nickelodeon, Wind Dancer Films, and other studios. A published author, he currently writes comics, including Meow Meow Jones, Desert Knights, and Farm Noir. His reviews and essays have been published by Westminster John Knox Press, in magazines such as Prism and Christianity and Theatre, and on and Follow him at

Jeffrey Kaufman

JEFFREY KAUFMAN is president, producer and writer at Big City Comics Studio, and also a nationally recognized legal expert and defense attorney that has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News. His writing credits include Terminal Alice, Angel Falling, and Whore, (published through Zenescope Entertainment) and Tainted (featuring Batwing artist ChrisCross). Big City Comics has released Tempest, Totem, Omega One, and Dragon Cross. Learn more at

Gabe Lamberty

GABE LAMBERTY has worked on comic books (Otazine, Gold Digger), magazines (Cereal Geek, PSM), storyboards (Wendy’s, Connect NYC), video games (Boy & His Blob, Cooking Mama), and album covers (Big Lo, Ceez). He also worked odd jobs ranging from Wedding DJ to Knife Salesman. One of Gabe’s designs won the 2011 Marcom Gold Award for Best Logo/Website. Speed Demonz is a 140 page, FULL COLOR graphic novel thrill ride. The race begins at with more videos and content at

Troy Vevasis

TROY VEVASIS is a comic book creator and writer who publishes through Troy’s Comics. His latest anthology series is Ghostly Comics #2, with artwork by Shawn Skvarna, Tim Larsen, Mac Radwanski, Sharon Berger, Jesse Arnold, and cover by Shawn Skvarna. Fan favorites Furry Qaileny (all ages comics), Vaxdor and The Ikton Conflict, and the Trolik series featured distinctive art by Lee Milewski. Vaxdor and the Ikton Conflict has been described on as “a quick read, perfect for first time comic book readers.” Troy’s comics can be found at TroysComics.

K.J. Murphey

KJ MURPHEY is a comic book artist, writer, and publisher who studied under Silver Age artist Frank McLaughlin and has worked for Blue Comet Press, Sonalysts Studios, and Big Puddle Productions. Keith’s stories have appeared in Comicbook Artists Guild Anthologies, Iconic, and Worlds Beyond. Through Guild Works Publications (GWP) he published Hellsblood, Worst Case Scenario: Outbreak, Best Shots, and Torn: A Weindigo Curse, available at

Guys 'n' Ties Cartoon Studio

GUYS 'N' TIES CARTOON STUDIO is the home of Toots Malloy, Blues Ninja, a no-nonsense musician with a passion for his art. Created by Patrick Cline, Toots has now gathered creators from Michigan, as well as the UK where Patrick now lives. Working with him to bring the sax and sword wielding marmoset to life are Matt Rooke, Stephen Sharar, David Andres, and Jon Scrivens. Join them at GuysNTies. Patrick can be found on twitter @PatmanCline.

Peter Kuper

PETER KUPER is the co-founder of World War 3 Illustrated, a political comix magazine. He has produced over two dozen books including The System, Diario de Oaxaca, Drawn To New York and adaptations of many of Franz Kafka's works into comics, including The Metamorphosis. His next graphic novel, Ruins, explores his love of entomology. Peter has taught comics courses at The School of Visual Arts for 25 years and is a visiting professor at Harvard University. More of his work can be seen at

Devastating Roulette Studios

DEVASTATING ROULETTE STUDIOS is a team of creators striving to expand the art of the comic book. Over the past eight years, Brandon Bullock’s work has appeared in Angry Drunk Graphics Christmas Spectacular, Undercore Comix #1 and #2, Octane Comics, FnA Comix Local Mix #1 through #3, and Pross Comics' Danger: High Voltage, Posers, and Slugger: Works Hell With Others. Derek Adnams has kept stories locked inside his head for a long time. They’re escaping. Justin Wood has worked as a freelance writer, penciler, and colorist for companies like Pross Comics and Robekka Studios. Visit Devastating RouletteStudios.

Marta Tanrikulu

MARTA TANRIKULU is an American writer of comics stories in various genres. Her work has appeared on the Verticalismi website, in two Red Stylo Media anthologies, and in the Cellar Door: Ancient, the 215 Ink Ignition Volume 1, the Arcana Steampunk Volume 2, and the Indie Ladies Comic: Ladies Chatter anthologies. A complete list of her stories can be found at vizyon

Omar Morales

OMAR MORALES is the energetic writer, creator, publisher and eternal sufferer of a new, action-packed indie graphic novel CruZader: Agent of the Vatican. With the tagline "Prophecies, Aliens, Sinners and Saints," CruZader captivated comic book fandom upon its direct market launch via Diamond Comics Distributors and digital platforms ComiXology and ComicsFix. The hardcover book features cover art by Paul Gulacy and is 144 pages, full color, retailing for $19.99. For more info, visit

Ramon Gil

Writer, Editor and Publisher RAMON GIL has been drawing comic books a long time. Two years after graduating California State University, Long Beach, he started illustrating NASCAR autobiographies for Vortex Comics. In 1993, he moved to New York City to be closer to publishers but spent the next 20 years working in advertising, publishing and graphic design. He taught for five years at the Parsons School of Design and in 2006 started his own design and marketing company, Fresh Concentrate. Today Ramon is writing comics at

Tom Arvis

Creator, writer, illustrator and publisher TOM ARVIS, a Washington DC resident since 1983, is a 20-plus-year veteran in the fields of graphic design, freelance illustration and independent self-publishing. Beginning with Cowboys and Aliens, a 16-page black and white ashcan comic (currently published under the title Wayout West and available on, Tom established Sureshot Comics, his independent comics label, in 1995. To see samples of his design and illustration capabilities, visit To see his other comic book titles, such as Mercenary Pig, a full-color graphic novel (also available on, and Adolescent Power Fantasies, an anthology comic, visit

Alicia Hollinger

ALICIA HOLLINGER is a Los Angeles based digital artist and writer, specializing in sexy pop culture pin-up art, sci-fi, fantasy, comic book, video game, artistic, toon and realistic women and children's art. Her art has been shown at Petra Gallery in Beverly Hills, Meltdown Comics Gallery in Hollywood, Pixeldrip Gallery events, Nucleus Gallery in Los Angeles, Titmouse Studios Hollywood, L.A.'s Comic Book Sunday, and many more. She has been featured in Heavy Metal Magazine. Her pin-up art book Alicia's Pin-Ups is available on See more of her work, buy prints and find out about her new sci-fi transmedia project at

Pete LaDuke

PETE LaDUKE founded Waheela Comics in 2007, to present horror comics and graphic novels “that read like a book but have the feel of a motion picture.” Pete honed his cinematic storytelling skills as an actor and assistant director, known for Deadheads, Dead/Undead, Stardust, and Mutant Swinger from Mars. His comic series Vermillion is a werewolf epic set amid the gutted ruins of Detroit. Former punk rocker MATTHEW DANA KIMBLE has illustrated for “Splatter” and official EC Fanzine “Horror From the Crypt of Fear.” Find out more at

Erica J. Heflin

ERICA J. HEFLIN is writer, editor and publisher at Felinix Publications, a source for independent comics. Webcomics "Of the Grave" and "Robomastyx" and a growing collection of minicomics can be seen online. Erica's comic book education began with her work in a comic store. "Before I knew what was happening, I was reading every book on the shelf. In the 90s. Every book. That’s when I passed the point of no return, and became a lifelong comic book fan."

Aaron Warner

AARON WARNER has created ground-breaking cartoon features for newspapers and magazines worldwide. The critically acclaimed and wildly popular Adventures of Aaron ran for over 10 years, was read by over six million newspaper subscribers, and garnered a Rueben Award nomination from the National Cartoonist Society. From 2002 to 2007, Warner syndicated A College Girl Named Joe, a college-themed daily strip that became the number one downloaded comic feature through MCT Campus. Warner's "You Are Here" can be seen in a variety of newspapers and is available for publishing through He works with wife Angie at Cartoon Studios ( and his collected works are available at

David Branstetter

DAVID BRANSTETTER is an artist from Evansville, Indiana with a BFA in graphic design. In 2001 David was inspired to create a new kind of comic book with a character that wasn't from another planet or created by a freak accident. In his Logic and Critical Thinking class he first heard the term “Straw Man.” David unleashed Straw Man #1 in June, 2004, and is currently working on the 11th issue of his 12 part Straw Man story. In 2014, David was accepted into CBR's "The Line It Is Drawn" and landed a gig coloring a Vanguard serial in the pages of Savage Dragon. David blogs at Look for Straw Man on

Chris Berg

CHRIS BERG'S sci-fi horror graphic novel Slices grew out of his insatiable appetite for drawing. He worked his way through college, and honed his skills, creating caricatures for park guests at Jackson, New Jersey’s Great Adventure Theme Park. This developed both his style and his life-long love of caricature. Chris, an active member of the International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA), provides gift caricatures and live sketch caricature for parties, weddings, trade shows, and other events. Visit SlicesGraphicNovel. for the latest news and postings about Slices and the world of illustration.

Tom Kelly

TOM KELLY'S Masher, a new blood and guts web comic about life in the cage, is coming! Tom is known for his children's web comic "The Stuffed Animal Sagas" on DC comics' website He has produced graphic design and illustration for many companies and promotional art for numerous bands. Tom’s illustrations have appeared in Black Petals magazine, Star Wars Insider, Imagine Fx, Design Graphics, Tales of the Talisman, Thrasher, Wired and Time Out Chicago magazine. His awards include the Wanye Wright Key for Excellence and the Pennsylvania Keystone Silver Seal. Tomkellyart.

Scott R. Schmidt

SCOTT R. SCHMIDT is the writer and creator of Steele Vs, the Yukon adventures of Sam Steele, Northwest Mounted, with artist Slobodan Jovanovic. His work has been published by Future Quake Press, Ink and Drink Comics and 215Ink. In addition, he currently self-publishes the anthology Savage Pulp with Jonathan Sawyer and Cold Ground, a crime miniseries with Nick O'Gorman through his personal imprint, Pistol-Whip Press. Scott digs vdeo games, '80s action flicks and good beer. Follow Pistol-Whip Press at PistolWhipPress and PistolWhipPress.

Glenn Moane

Norwegian writer GLENN MØANE has created the one-shots "American Sinner" with Edson Alves, "Homecoming" with Marco Santiago and "Partners" with Elias Martins, which will soon be published by MoonShot Digital Comics. Glenn is currently working on a webcomic project called "Lazarus Standing" with industry veteran Dario Carrasco, as well as another one-shot. A number of his noir tales dealing with crime, cynicism, and people motivated by greed and sex will be later collected in an anthology with art from illustrators as diverse as Dan Henderson, Predrag Ivanovic and Aleksandar Bozoc Ske. Keep up with Glenn and his releases at glennmoane.

Terry Pavlet

TERRY PAVLET is a freelance Illustrator and graphic designer who has worked in comics, RPG/CCG games, and books and magazines, with Image Comics, Ballantine Books, Wizards of the Coast, Disney, and many more. He has created covers, interiors and logos in genres as diverse as fantasy, horror, cartoon, children's works and even film noir. Indie Comics Magazine's Summer Issue cover is from Dusk Volume 3, published by Dusk Comics, about the life of a powerful and handsome vampire. Terry is currently plotting and creating covers for a Dusk Comics series called Strange Detective Mysteries. Visit one of the industry's most versatile artists at and

Joe Sergi

JOE SERGI writes short stories and articles in the horror, science fiction, and superhero genres. For comics, he has written romance, superhero, science fiction, and horror tales, including contributing to 2012's Great Zombies in History. His first novel, Sky Girl and the Superheroic Legacy, was released from iEnovel in 2010. That same year, Joe received the Haller Award for Best Writer from the Comicbook Artist Guild at New York ComicCon. He was selected as a semi-finalist in the Who Wants to Create a Superheroine contest sponsored by the Shadowline Imprint of Image Comics. A complete list of Joe's titles is available at

Fabian Rangel Jr.

FABIAN RANGEL JR. self published the first two issues of his werewolves versus teens comic "Extinct" before signing on with Philadelphia based publisher 215 Ink in 2011. 2012 saw the release of Extinct, Fall and Engines of Doom (through 215 Ink). Fabian continues to self publish though his own imprint, "Believe In Comics" with such titles as Revenge Rooster and Los Muertos. In 2013 his stories will be appearing in the anthologies FUBAR: American History Z , 215 Ink: Ignition, and Indie Comics Horror. Look for Fabian at HeroesCon as well as cons in his home state of Texas. For more info find Fabian on Facebook or Twitter, or go to fabianrangeljr.

Anthony Cacioppo

In 1997 Kaso comics made its debut at New York City comic book conventions with the release of The Indestructible Man, the character made famous on the silver screen by Lon Chaney Jr. The brainchild of inker-turned-publisher ANTHONY CACIOPPO, Kaso comics has since released archaeological adventure The Risen and the Dead, suspense tale Twisted, the Action Anatomy artist sourcebook, posters, CDs, apparel and even Strathmore comic book layout pages and storyboard templates. Kaso art books include Heroic Fantasy: Paintings by Marcus Boas and artist collection Pulp SF Pinups. Matt Burton-Agent Zero takes the Kaso universe to the world of espionage. Kaso products can be purchased at

Donna Barr

DONNA BARR, one of the lasting authors of the 1980's black-and-white comics boom, is, today, a pioneer of self- and print-on-demand publishing. Her best-known series is The Desert Peach, the adventures of Pfirsich Rommel, the fictional homosexual younger brother of WWII's Erwin "The Desert Fox" Rommel. The series Stinz is about a society of centaurs. Hader and The Colonel is a fantasy quest featuring a harpy and a magicked rabbit. Bosom Enemies is an allegory on slavery and horses. The Barr Girls is a fearless commentary on gender roles. Since 2012, Donna has been the engine behind the Clallam Bay Comicon. Follow her work at

Dan Rivera

In 2001 DAN RIVERA rediscovered comics as an escape from the horrors of September 11th, which took place less than a mile from his workplace. In 2008, he discovered Andy Schmidt's Comics Experience writing classes. His stories have appeared in the anthologies Armed and Fabulous, and Don't Be Afraid, from Elevator Pitch Press. His story The Gray and The Pale will be in the Great Zombies in History anthology from McFarland Books, and he will soon host a comics podcast called There Will Be Comics. Follow Dan on Twitter @danriveraprime, and Look into the There Will Be Comics podcast at, and ThereWillBe ComicsPodcast.

Andy Bennett

ANDY BENNETT began his illustration career in 1995 on Caliber Comics titles like Negative Burn, Ghost Sonata, and Saint Germaine. He has since contributed to Moonstone Books’ Kolchak the Night Stalker, Vampire: The Masquerade, and The Phantom: Generations series, among others, as well as titles from BOOM! Studios and IDW books. Today he serves as a web designer for Highlights for Children, as well as a freelance designer and illustrator. His clients for design, illustration, and sequential art have included PBS, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Marvel Comics, DC Comics and many more. Visit him online at

Dan Davis

DAN DAVIS is the Texas born, New York City based comic and screenplay creator of Legend of the Spirit Stalker, a supernatural western tale of a Native American shaman. Long-Stare Jepson's duty is to defend his tribe and his world from evil men and spirits of darkness, using specialized weaponry fashioned from fragments of a mystical meteor. A tale of monster hunting set in the context of America's Wild West, Legend of the Spirit Stalker brings together legends of the untamed frontier and the mysticism of Native American lore, combining sci-fi, fantasy, suspense, horror, and tropes of the old West into a new kind of adventure.

Chris Beckett

Hailing from Maine, C.M. BECKETT, with friend and creative partner Dan Fleming, self-published four issues of the black and white, comics/prose anthology, "Warrior27," recently collected in a 254-page edition that includes new and never-before-published pieces. Beckett has written for the Pulse, contributed to the flash fiction sites 50 Years From Now and Elephant Words, and has had his short stories published by Ape Entertainment, Dark Recesses Press, and Top Shelf Comics. He does most of his writing in the dark, once everyone else is asleep. See more of his work at

Rob Anderson

ROB ANDERSON is the writer of the comic books Rex, Zombie Killer from Big Dog Ink, and the forthcoming miniseries Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit. He was also the editor of, and a contributing writer to, the Great Zombies in History anthology miniseries from Elevator Pitch Press, and is a member of The Brutal Circle writer’s group. When not writing comics, Rob is General Manager of Andy Schmidt's Comics Experience and moderator/administrator of the Comic Creators Workshop online community. Rob founded Panda Dog Press in 2009. Explore Rob's projects at

Douglas Paszkiewicz

DOUGLAS PASZKIEWICZ is a world class illustrator and writer. His work is regularly featured in several national publications including Mad Magazine, Too Much Coffee Man Magazine, and others. His own publication "Arsenic Lullaby" was nominated for the comic book industry's two highest awards, the Eisner award and the Harvey Award, and is distributed across the U.S. Canada, Australia, and Europe. He is the creator of the Cartoon fetus, helped bring Voodoo and Zombies back into pop culture, and taught the world to laugh at suicide, abortion, genocide, infanticide, starvation and anyone who tries to make a difference. He regrets all the things that where just mentioned. Merchandise, blog, sketches, the Arsenic Lullaby animated pilot and more is at

LeVar Leo

LEVAR LEO began FacePalm Comic in 2010, after he was taken in by the creative energy of the independent comic book world at Miami's Florida Super Con. Trey, written by LeVar, with illustrations from Leigh Walls, introduces Trey, the newest member of an Armed Guard Agency division who, years after the devastation of his world, encounters a person with ties to his past. What are the secrets behind the mysterious weapon that had doomed Trey's family? FacePalm Comic gives back to West Palm Beach, Florida with reading programs, cancer walks, and other charity events. Discover more on Facebook and at

Indie Comics



Tim Tyler

TIM TYLER is a quarter century veteran of the independent comic book industry, having been inker, artist or publisher on Faust (inker over Tim Vigil), Razor, Blood Reign, Hades, Devil-Jack, Cuda, Dreadstar, Zero Tolerance, Djustine, Shinga's Talons, Dead Crew, Manga Monthly, Engine, and more. After attending the Joe Kubert School, Tim was discovered by Mark (Hulk) Pannaccia and hired by Pyramid Comics. His website features his Engine series, plus a Blood Reign and Devil-Jack team-up series. To see Tim's new, original web comics, art galleries and news updates, visit Contact him for commission work, original art, or comics and graphic novels at Danger Angel merchandise is at

Don McMillan

DON (DONIST) MCMILLAN writes sci-fantasy novels, comic books, children's books, and short comic book scripts, all while contributing to, a blog that discusses the craft of storytelling. His story "Pools of Flame" appeared in the Out of Our Minds: Tales from the Comics Experience anthology, and his comic scripts have won critiques from industry professionals through the Comics Experience Creators Workshop. Don is currently revising his second novel and compiling an anthology of his comics. He lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife and Boston terrier. For some of Don's odd ramblings, visit him at

Rich Koslowski

An animation storyboard artist and inker for Archie comics, RICH KOSLOWSKI self-published "How To Pick Up Girls If You’re A Comic Book Geek" in 1997. Since then he's published 25 3 Geeks comics and 4 trade paperbacks. After Rich was nominated for three Eisner awards in 1999 the title became Geeksville. In 2002 Top Shelf released Rich's graphic novel "Three Fingers," which won the Ignatz Award for “Best Graphic Novel.” Top Shelf released "The King" in 2005 and Rich published "The List" in 2007. His 12 issue run writing for Marvel Comics Presents was released as the trade paperback "Weapon Omega." His "BB Wolf and the Three LPs" hardcover was released with a blues CD. Rich can be found at

Frederick Kim

FREDERICK KIM'S first short story appeared in “Strange New Worlds VII,” part of the Star Trek line of fiction from Pocket Books. Since then he has written teleplays that have been recognized by the TrackingB, Script Pipeline, Austin Film Festival, Scriptapalooza, and Screenwriting Expo writing competitions. He leans toward character-driven drama, particularly in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. His comic book writing has appeared in Elevator Pitch Press' Great Zombies in History and Tales from the Comics Experience. Kim won the 11th Annual CAPE New Writers Award for his TV pilot Sleepers. Find out more at

Carolyn Belefski

CAROLYN BELEFSKI was nominated for Friends of Lulu's 2010 Kim Yale Award for Most Talented Newcomer. She displays a new Curls webcomic every Monday and Thursday and offends and/or entertains with her podcast, The Carolyn and Joe Show, each Tuesday. She collaborates with writer Joe Carabeo on the comic books Kid Roxy, Black Magic Tales and The Legettes. Carolyn’s illustrations have been published in USA WEEKEND Magazine, The Commonwealth Times, Magic Bullet, The Pulse on and more. Enjoy her blog, visit the Curls Studio Store, subscribe to her RSS feed and listen to her podcasts at

Tim Vigil

Praised for his attention to detail in black and white art, anatomy, and extremely graphic art, TIM VIGIL is responsible for creating the DynaPop art style and was a key member of the Rebel Studios company. His graphic novel Faust (with David Quinn) was adapted by Brian Yuzna as the movie Faust: Love of the Damned. Faust: Book of M was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for Best Illustrated Narrative. Tim's art has appeared in books by Caliber Comics, Verotik (the comic book label of The Misfits leader Glenn Danzig) and in the Broken Halos Studios books Broken Halo and Gunfighters in Hell (featuring art by brother Joe Vigil). Art books include Dark Utopia and Gothic Nights. For Avatar, Tim created the titles Webwitch and EO. Recent work includes Faust: Singha's Talons at Avatar Press and covers and interiors for the Fantastic Worlds of Frank Frazetta series. Follow Tim at tim.vigil.71.

K.J. Kolka

K.J. KOLKA'S "The Cardinal" is the story of a group of people living in a fictitious university town whose lives are touched by an ordinary young man who believes he has been called to be a super hero. K.J. is unapologetic with his use of Golden Age super hero conventions and spiritual themes in these stories of a man who deals with real life social issues, the difficulties facing people and crime. The Cardinal began as a college strip in 1978, ran as a regional print publication from 1990 to 2006 and debuted online at in 2007. Two live action film adaptions of the strip were released in 2004 and 2007. At its core, The Cardinal strip is about a man who sees people needing help and, unlike many of us, does not turn away. Strips are online at

Indie Comics



Maddalena Carrai

MADDALENA CARRAI is a biotechnology student with a passion for drawing, art and pop culture. Self taught since the age of four, Maddalena is now studying comics and illustration at a studio in Florence, Italy. Her stories about dead god Morty, Amy and Gaga reflect her love of Impressionism and Expressionism, and her interest in mass media music perspectives, attitudes and images. Trash Music Awards, Behind the Scenes and Monster Ball Tour minis can be read at To order commissions and keep up on Creepy Gaga news visit Maddalena on Facebook at CreepyGaga MononokeMonster.

Blair Kitchen

BLAIR KITCHEN is the creator, artist, writer, inker, colourer, editor, accountant, and assistant to the creator, artist, writer, inker, colourer, editor and accountant, for the comic book series “The Possum,” published by Possum Press, which is (you guessed it), owned and operated by Blair Kitchen. To feed his family, however, Blair Kitchen works as a traditional animator and storyboard artist in Toronto, Canada. He has directed commercials, animated on commercials and features, drawn boards for TV, and had a small stint supervising in the Phillipines, which ended in getting deathly ill and having to come home early. (Don’t worry. He’s better now.) Blair's store, blog and animation clips can be seen at

Douglas Klauba

Award winning artist DOUGLAS KLAUBA is recognized for a heroic-deco style influenced by '40s pulp magazine and movie poster illustration. His commissions have been used for posters, advertising, book covers, magazines, corporate communications, calendars and collector plates by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, DC/Upperdeck, Dynamite Entertainment, Kino Video, Moonstone Books, the Chicago Blackhawks and others. Klauba's paintings have appeared in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art at the Society of Illustrators. Mercury Jack was exhibited in the Spectrum Show at the Museum of American Illustration and da Vinci’s Dream was awarded Best in Show at the 2005 World Fantasy Convention. Commissions can be requested through

Kim Mey Loehng

KIM MEY-LOEHNG is a bad boy. He is a very, very bad boy. I mean bad. He was almost published in Being Excluded Is All You're Good For #6 and is the creator of such titles as Bunxa Wirds and Me And My Big Thick Ad. He is a lover of life's dreadful details and he thinks corduroy wins the day every day. You may wear those jeans but you will not make me tingle. You can pressure me and I will chirp and though I may yield, I will not stop letting you know that we belong together. You can find him in spirit anywhere seams rustle or rub. Also on Facebook: kim.meyloehng.

Amanda Rachels and Kevin LaPorte

KEVIN LAPORTE AND AMANDA RACHELS used one of their submissions to the now-defunct Zuda web comic competition to launch their 2010 web comic, The Blind Eye, now collected into their first self-published work. Their Clown Town contribution to the 2010 Small Press Idol competition dominated the popular vote, falling to second place in the last round on the very last day! The team has contributed stories to the literacy-focused Reading With Pictures Vol. 1, Grayhaven Comics’ The Gathering anthology and more. Contact Amanda for commissions at Find out more about the Clown Town limited series now in publication, exciting side projects and convention tour dates at

Michael Marcus

MICHAEL MARCUS and GEORGE MCVEY are the Hamtramck Idea Men, a creative arts partnership whose projects range from the comic books Pulp Dreams and IF-X to game designing to the fine arts. Michael, as editor for IF-X, is known for putting creators in touch with each other and offering his diverse talents to make projects happen. George’s Pulp Dreams stories “Terra 2920” and “Portal Prime” are currently in negotiations over film and television rights. He takes commissions for custom silk-screening work and several upcoming books feature his illustrations. Both organized the Southern Michigan Arts and Creativity Conference, a gathering of artists, writers, fashion designers, crafters, and musicians in the Detroit, Michigan area. See more at

Mike Kitchen

MIKE KITCHEN is the creator of Spy Guy, a hard-boiled funny book telling the story of an undercover Toronto city cop. Published through Ultraist Studios, the initial series of Spy Guy one-shot comics consisted of Spy Guy: Bootleg, Spy Guy: Minis and Spud & Harry #1. In the summer of 2009, Mike released Spy Guy #1 (of the Unlimited Series) which also launched as a part of Indy Comic Book Week 2009. In mainstream media, Spy Guy appeared in Superhero Movie's convention battle sequence and Mike was featured in an interview on TV's Electric Playground. In addition to his comic work, Mike has animated for feature films (Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Hellboy, Constantine, 9) and video games (Halo3, Halo ODST). Mike's blog journal can be read and his comics are available online at

Indie Comics



Keith Frederick Robinson

KEITH FREDERICK ROBINSON honed his writing skills on various scripts until 2011 while Arcana Studios picked up the rights to Robinson's Modern Hood, a modern revamp of the Robin Hood legend, in 2009. The original graphic novel is in development. In 2011 he self published Growing Pains under the 11/88 Studios banner, a story about a son’s journey for justice. With the help of Jethro Morales, Tyler Sowles, MaGnUs and Nick Caldwell, Keith will debut The Legend Killer at Cherry Capital Con 2012 and online digitally. See more at and

Alonzo Washington

Omega 7 Publisher and Activist ALONZO WASHINGTON creates comic books to make a difference in the real world, change negative imagery of black men in the media, challenge the press to cover abducted African American children, and address health issues. He has been known to paint over gang graffiti, march on drug houses, challenge corrupt policemen and aid hate crime victims. He has helped police agencies solve homicides and missing person cases. His America’s Forgotten Children publication helped close the Precious Doe missing child case. Through Omega Man, Washington addresses social issues in FULL COLOR comics. Learn more at

Scott Frantz

SCOTT FRANTZ went from background artist on TV's Faust and Eo to Rebel Studios, where he was co-writer and co-penciller of Meccalapolis in Rebel's anthology Raw Media Mag #3 and creator of Darkstar, an intricate, star spanning space operatic. In Darkstar, Yorginn, a ruling council member, betrayed two worlds by aligning his allegiance with alien invaders, with catastrophic results for his race. Scott is now revisiting and reimagining Darkstar, with new designs and even a new name. A practicing Zen Buddhist, Scott is meditating daily and learning Japanese. Scott's work can be viewed at

Susan Van Camp

Prolific illustrator SUSAN VAN CAMP, cover artist for Indie Comics Magazine #3, paints dragons, fairies, angels cats, chinchillas, pets and much more from her studio in Flint, Michigan. She has illustrated 44 Magic: The Gathering cards, is a Dragon Storm RPG designer and cheerfully admits to being known in some circles as an "anthro artist." She publishes the online web comics Gatekeeper, Perils of Pearl and Familiar Place at Over 250 of her art prints are offered through Etsy and she is always happy to hear from people interested in commissions and original artwork. Visit Susan's blog at To see her work visit her website at

James Lyle

JAMES LYLE is an internationally renowned illustrator whose work appears in comic books, magazines, novels, package design and role playing games. In 2010 he received recognition for his Weekly Reader magazine illustrations in "Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market," a respected resource book for freelancers. He began during the independent comic book boom with work for Cult Press and Caliber comics. Currently his work appears in Zenescope comics and on Shane Berryhill novels. He is chairman of the Southeast Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society. See more and subscribe for James Lyle news at

Mark Bloodworth

MARK BLOODWORTH illustrated the award winning Deadworld: The Last Siesta (IDW), and Clive Barker’s: Hellraiser. He created Nightstreets for Arrow Comics in 1985 and continued illustrating and writing through the ensuing decades on titles such as Cheerleaders From Hell, Jack The Ripper, Raven Chronicles, Abel, Zorro: The Masters Edition and The Ripper Legacy. Mark also wrote and rendered Midnight Mortuary, an homage to '70s monster magazines. Recently, Mark has created original sketch card art for 5finity, Breygent, Versicolor and Galan's Contemporary Pinups.

Gary Scott Beatty

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