Indie Comics #1, #2 and #3 are in comic shops and on Comixology now. IC#4 is coming, DEADLINE Monday, July 31! Space is limited. Not everyone who submits is accepted.

The Indie Comics publication is a way for creators to pool their resources to help expand their Diamond customer base and get print books to sell at conventions.

Creators buy in for 1/6 of the publication to feature their eight page story, and receive 1/6 of the Diamond payment. Page one of their story features a short bio with contact information. Contact info is also featured in the index, on the last page of their story, AND online at Indie Comics, where extended biographies click through to their websites.

$534 apiece buy-in per issue. Six creators share the cost of 1,000 comics, shipping, $750 Previews ad, and bar code.

Creators split the one-time Diamond payment, split profits for one year from the new digital edition through Caliber Entertainment, and receive a 1/6 split of comics left over after Diamond orders. Details below.

Indie Comics Magazine

We're all about contact! Above, you can see Terry Cronin's web address on the contents page. Below, his bio and web address at the top of the first page of his story. Bottom, his web address on the last page of that story. Terry has appeared in every issue of Indie Comics Magazine!

Indie Comics Magazine

Indie Comics Magazine

Indie Comics Magazine is Now INDIE COMICS, with increased distribution, gloss paper and continued (or single) stories!

• CONTINUED STORIES (OR NOT). Submit your eight page story, or your comic book to run in eight page chapters. A typical 24 page comic book will split into three chapters. Don’t think your book will work? Submit a single screen resolution PDF with pages in the proper order and we'll tell you.

Note, if you’re going in three issues with a continued story, we need completed art and buy-in for all three before you’re accepted. Sorry, but we’ve had many creators pull out over the years after making promises. I understand, life happens, but we have to be able to schedule.

• YOUR COPIES. We print at least 1,000 books. We will split the remainder of the books between the six creators.

• 48 PAGES, BLACK INK, NOW ON GLOSSY PAPER. A quality package! Six eight page stories/chapters per issue.

• NEW! DIGITAL EDITION. Two months after books are delivered to Diamond retailers, Caliber Digital will have them available for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android, PCs and Nook, available via Comixology, Drive Thru, and others.

Caliber pays every six months, and we send creators their split for one year after publication (two Caliber payments). We don’t expect overwhelming profits from here a year after publication — we’ll push for buyers when the books FIRST go up for sale.

We are in excellent indie company. During its over 25 years in comics, Caliber has “discovered” talent like Vertigo artists Guy Davis and Vince Locke, Mark (Deadworld) Bloodworth, David (Kabuki) Mack, Jim (The Crow) O’Barr and many more.

• YOU OWN YOUR WORK. You retain all future rights to your submission. (We have the rights to publish in Indie Comics through Diamond and Caliber.)

• DRIVE READERS TO BUY MORE. A bio at the beginning of your story, your web site at the end and on the contents page, assure readers can follow up to see what else you have for sale. Indie Comics will feature your bio with click-through to your website.

What does Gary get out of this? I'm making contacts in this industry and keeping my name in front of people, just as other creators in our books are doing. I also offer Affordable Showcase Ads on the books' color covers.

What to submit: We need cohesive stories with beginning, middle and end. Reprints are fine as long as you own all rights to the work. Final art must be clean and clear at print resolution. Lettering must be readable. Space is limited, so prepayment upon acceptance is mandatory for holding your spot in Indie Comics.

How to submit: Your reading-resolution, eight page or full book PDF submission can be emailed to Editor Gary Scott Beatty at After acceptance Gary will contact you with information on sending payment and high resolution artwork.

Submissions outside of the U.S.: Prices are in United States dollars. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to ship more than a handful of books out of country.

We're here for questions and submissions! Highly recommended: sign up for the Pro Email List HERE. and download your first pro freebie, Resources for Creative Professionals.

Gary Scott Beatty
Editor and Publisher, Indie Comics
Xeric Grant awarded writer and illustrator
Comic book colorist and letterer
40 years printing and publishing


"You get your work in print, that's what editors want to see. You get copies to sell (or give away) at conventions. Your name gets out to the Diamond Market and that's where editors look for new talent…Some of my stories that have appeared in Indie Mag and Indie Horror have been commented on by several editors from big and small companies. Some are now being developed into graphic novels, one shots and mini series. Take your next step in the comic world, self promote your work and make it happen. These magazines are a great place to start."
-- Paul Bradford

"I ran a 3 Geeks story with Gary...and the process was painless and professional. Gary was a pleasure to work with. If you or any indy comics creators are looking for a way to get more exposure I highly recommend this."
-- Ignatz Award Winner Rich Koslowski, The 3 Geeks

"I had a great experience working on issue #2 of ICM. It's a treat to work on an indie comic where everything is organized and payments are delivered in a timely manner (Yup, that's right!!! I even got paid!)."
-- Blair Kitchen, Possum Press

"Of the nine years that I’ve been working on Straw Man I have never made a profit. This afternoon I found out that Indie Comics #1 (containing the Straw Man story “Has Been”) did better than expected in sales. In fact I’ll be receiving a check that will cover the cost of printing the eight pages and then some…To be perfectly honest I never expected to get a dime back in sales. This is a concept that just blows my mind."
-- David Branstetter, Straw Man Comics

Indie Comics Magazine