AD SPECIAL: Run the same ad in Indie Comics #1, #2 and #3 and receive the third ad 75% OFF!

Your Showcase sized ad in Indie Comics #3 is only $10 when you run that ad in Indie Comics #1 and #2 at the regular $40 each price. All three must be prepaid by June 24. Hurry and confirm your ad, space is limited!

Showcase Ads are full color on glossy paper, 2.875 inches wide by 1.8125 inches tall. We offer free layout and design.

Individual Showcase sized ads are only $40 each issue prepaid. Larger sizes are multiples of this price (1/5 page is $80, 2/5 is $160, etc.). Email questions to Gary at

Market to readers interested in independent comic books in Indie Comics #1, #2 and #3! Books hit comic shop shelves in July, September and November 2016. Sample page below.

Indie Comics Magazine

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